Second Serving of Success

With the grand opening of Alchemy coming so soon, pop-up dinners have provided us with the opportunity to serve some flavor for you in the meantime. Thanks to the One World Kitchen Share and Jeff Mease for providing the space for such an even to take place. Owner of Alchemy, Logan Hunter and Executive Chef Lake Hubbard put together an amazing menu with wine pairings.


To start things off, Logan made an apertíf cocktail to stimulate the senses and served a special version of the French ’75 made with his blueberry, lime, and thyme [[not-so-simple]] simple syrup. Then the first course arrived, a Cioppino made with mussles, clams, and shrimp served in a white wine and tomato vegetable broth. Then came the caesar salad with sliced green olives and a homemade caesar dressing with sardine croutons. Third course consisted of a variety of cheese-stuffed dates, wrapped in bacon and placed over a bed of fresh greens and raspberry balsalmic. Followed by the fouth course which featured a lamb tagine stewed in a classic Moroccan broth, poured over couscous and finished with dessert. A Gateau Basque pastry topped with a blueberry compote and powdered sugar to bring the perfect amount of sweetness to your palate.

Untitled Design


Guests who attended the last pop-up dinner had this to say: “Overall superb in every aspect.”

“Presentation is perfect!”

“Wonderful experience, looking forward to the Grand Opening.”

The Alchemy team has thoroughly enjoyed serving those special guests that chose to attend Bloomington’s first few pop-up dinner experiences. However, Chef Lake Hubbard is exremely excited to set up a space in the newly renovated Princess Theatre in which he will continue to deliver delicious dinner combinations to all who visit. The ambiance of Alchemy will set the tone for an extremely elegant evening, with balcony seating available guests will have the option to enjoy dinner overlooking the bar below as the sun sets upon the original stained glass windows. Owner Logan Hunter cannot wait to open the doors and introduce Bloomington to the bar of his dreams, which has been many years in the making. Hunter actually has a background in the theatre so the fact that he landed himself  a spot at the Princess Theatre sets the stage for sweet success. The next post will cover Hunter’s background in the industry and his journey to Alchemy ownership. Look forward to reading all aboout his journey from behind the bar to opening one of his own.

Alchemy will be having their Grand Opening this coming Tuesday, March 20th and the doors open at four o’clock. Consider joining us for a craft cocktail and we strongly encourage you to try one of Chef Hubbard’s creations. Contact us with any questions you might have and subscribe to the blog for all things Alchemy.



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